Stay in the nature!

Take a step outside of your everyday life, to a place free from demands and disturbance; where you can just bein the moment. Where powerful nature and Arctic light flows in through the room’s large windows.

Perhaps you want to go out and meet that very nature? Take a walk along beaches at Ekkerøy where the waves take you to another world while you study the magnificent bird life. You might even be lucky enough to make a discovery on “The Beach of Fortunate Stones”, or will nature’s many paths and traces take you back to another time? The history of Ekkerøy is both a powerful and magical one.

Or maybe you just want to observe the nature from inside of the warm and comfortable cabin at Ekkerøy Feriehus? To just calm down. To breathe. We all need a few respites in our everyday life, where we can just exist. Here you might find good health. Here you might find happiness.

Welcome to Ekkerøy!