Birds and wildlife along the Varangerfjord

Full-day trip with Kate Johanne Utsi from Njalla Siida nature tours from Ekkerøy to Vardø and Hornøya. Experience the rich wildlife in the area!

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We start the tour right outside your doorstep to experience the beautiful Ekker island. At Ekkerøy nature reserve you will be able to observe a wide range of birds, such as the black-legged kittiwake, cormorants, loons, skuas and many others. Several other rare bird species have been observed on Ekkerøy, and the bird cliff “Flåget” is a spectacular sight.

We will then drive up to Vardø (about 45 minutes) with a stop in Skallelv and Komagværdalen. This area is rich in wildlife and lots of interesting species such as the Greater Scaup and Eurasian dotterel as well as the White-tailed eagle and Arctic skua can be seen.

Once we arrive in Vardø we will stop for lunch at Vardø hotel before we take the ferry over to Hornøya. On our way home we will stop at Kiberg and visit the partisan museum. This is a lesser-known part of history and tells the story about how young men left Finnmark for Russia during the war. In Kiberg the black-legged Kittiwake has their own hotel, to keep them from extinction.

Price: 2495,–/person
Maximum 7 persons, minimum 4
Not included: Lunch at Vardø Hotel

Welcome to Ekkerøy!