Sea Apartments

About 100 years ago, the fire-and-brimstone preacher Ole Hallesby used to speak in this house. Since 1911, the people of Ekkerøy have been coming to their only place of worship, often in cold Eastern winds, to hear the words of God and to see their friends. Here people got a most needed break from their busy everyday life.

Today this previously house of worship still provides the opportunity to take a break from a busy live. The time of struggling with peat and hay and working in the barn is long gone; it has now shifted to balancing work, spare time and family. Many people find themselves stuck inside the hamster wheel. In this house we have created the conditions so that you can step out of the wheel and just relax.

This old house of worship is a good place to start. 200 years ago, where the house is now located, there used to be sea, with big ships sailing past. Because of the erosion, the Christian people of Ekkerøy were able to travel to their little meeting house to hear the words of God.

The house between the beaches

Some have said that living in this old house of worship is like being inside Noah’s Ark. You find yourself right in between two oceans – one in the East and one in the West – and from the house you have a view over both sides. The house on Valen is an excellent place to observe the birds travelling across the land. One of the highlights is falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing in against the Eastern beach.

The apartments are well-equipped with two bedrooms with four beds on two floors. A warm bathroom, a kitchen and a living room furnished in a 60’s style. Fifty meters from the sea you will find the Finnish sauna – an experience you will not forget.

See a video about our sauna at Sea Apartment – AND birding at Ekkerøy:

Sea Apartment (former Chapel House) Number bedsSleeping roomsExtra sleeping sofaSizeFloors
Flat A42No662
Flat B42No662
Price from

3400 NOK
(two nights)