Experience the Northern Lights

One of the best places in the country to experience the Northern Lights is Varanger in East Finnmark. The vast sky, the flat landscape, and the fact that the area lies beneath the so-called auroral oval make for good conditions to see the fantastic celestial phenomenon if the weather is clear. And you don’t need to travel far to seek it out.

In Varanger, we enjoy minimal light pollution, allowing for clearer views of the night sky. There aren’t many houses, factories, or streetlights here. This makes darkness easy to find, and thus a perfect starting point for seeing the Aurora Borealis – along with another attraction – silence.

The Northern Lights may be just a walk away from you, or at best, you’ll see them from the porch or through large windows. If you wish to venture into the raw nature, you can see the Northern Lights from a dogsled, a snowmobile, or on the sea from a boat. It’s your choice!

The peak periods of aurora activity are typically observed from autumn (from September) until spring (late March). Be aware that the midnight sun prevents one from seeing the northern lights during the summer.

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