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Reception/Bird View Apartments:  Østre Nesset 8 B, 9804 Vadsø
Emelie House:  
Østre Nesset 8 A, 9804 Vadsø
Sea Apartments:
Vestre Valen 45, 9804 Vadsø

You can get to Ekkerøy by taking a direct flight with SAS or Norwegian Oslo-Kirkenes (approx. 2 hours flight) Then you can take a Widerøe flight (approx. 10 min flight time) over the Varangerfjord to Vadsø Airport and rent a car there. It is approx. 10 min drive from Vadsø Airport to Ekkerøy.

The alternative is to rent a car at Kirkenes Airport and drive the beautiful trip around the fjord. The tour takes approx. 2.5 hours and is 185 km long. It is easier to rent a car in Kirkenes than in Vadsø.

It is also possible to travel by plane from Oslo-Tromsø and then take a direct flight Tromsø-Vadsø.

Some also travel from Helsinki to Ivalo and rent a car there before driving approx. 4 hours to Ekkerøy.

Hurtigruta has daily morning calls to Vadsø (which is located 15 km west of Ekkerøy), and is an option for you who have a good time.

Ekkerøy does not have a shop, only a summer restaurant / cafe during the busiest summer weeks.

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