Hiking and Birding up Komagværdalen

Join us on a half-day hiking and bird-watching trip in Komagværdalen.

Feel free to contact veronica@journeys.no for booking and available dates.

This guided tour will take you through the inland mountainous area of Varanger. You will experience beautiful views and rich bird- and wildlife.

Your guide, Kate Johanne Utsi from Njalla Siida nature tours, will walk you through a landscape like no other all while making you experts on the wildlife that pass you by. Some interesting bird species include Whooper Swan and Eurasian dotterel as well as the White-tailed eagle and Arctic skua.

Utsi will also explain the fascinating Sami culture and traditions. During the winter half of the year, she practices traditional reindeer herding and she’d love to tell you all about this. Perhaps you will also get to see some reindeers in the wild!

Price: 1495,–/person
Maximum 7 persons, minimum 4
Bring your own lunch

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