King Crab and Fishing Safari

The sea off the coast of the Varanger peninsula is teaming with spawning cod, halibut, and king crab. On this trip, we fish for them, pulling them on board and sending all tastebuds sky-high during the following meal. You will have excitement, salty seas, and the worlds purest food on the table.

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We start out, sailing straight for the best fishing spots on the Varanger trying our luck. Here we may catch several different kinds of fish, big or small, if the sea is willing. We continue out to the traps, which are hopefully filled with king crabs. We promise goosebumps and adrenalin for all when the “brutes” come crashing in on deck with their prickly legs and full weight. And brace yourself to join in the work, because here we need all hands on deck!

In the fresh air you’ll work up a solid appetite, which we intend to do something about. We’ll get the grill running, loaded with king crab and fish. While the catch is cooking, we sail back to the pontoon. Back at the pontoon, in calm and sheltered waters, we enjoy a lovely meal accompanied by suitable beverage and tall tales. Here you can indulge in a festive meal, in good company.

Price: 3150,–/person

Departure from Vadsø: 10:00

Return to Vadsø: 15:00

Maximum: 10 persons, minimum 4 people

Includes: fishing equipment and thermo-suits

Welcome to Ekkerøy!