Experience magical Ekkerøy

In the 1600s, 14 women from Ekkerøy were burnt alive with the blessing of the government. Today there are no traces from the women, but in the middle of the village – in a place called Været – there have been found remains of several wells from the Middle Ages. The old school can be found if you ever want to seek out the place where the women used to live.

The women helped whenever people or animals were sick. There were no doctors in the area, so wise women often had to be the solution. They gathered herbs from the nature, which they then prepared, cooked and gave to the sick. They most likely only performed “white” magic, but were accused of black magic whenever a ship went down or the fishermen had no luck.

The earth, sea and moon are still three central nature elements that some of today’s sorcerers use to help people with ailments or diseases. Yes, these people do in fact still exist!

According to legends, skin diseases were treated by going to the closest river, finding three stones under water and rub them on the infected area on your body, before putting the stones back. Maybe you should try it for yourself on the Beach of fortune stones, that lies just east of the fishing racks close to the bird mountain in Ekkerøy?

The thought behind it all is that whatever the earth gave you, it shall take back. In all this, the power of the moon is essential – the treatment will only be successful under a full moon.

Welcome to Ekkerøy!