See a unique bird life

One of Ekkerøy’s most popular attractions is the rich bird life. Ekkerøy is one of the most available bird sites in Northern Europe. A short car ride from the main road and a three-minute hike is all it takes before you’re standing there – in the middle of a white inferno. And the Ekkerøy Feriehus is close to magic birdlife.

It is truly a sign of spring when we from Ekkerøy Feriehus reception can hear and see the first kittiwakes in February or March. Through bright nights and cold days, approximately 30 000 kittiwakes fight for the best nesting places in the steep cliffs.

The kittiwakes have their chicks in June, and once the young ones are ready to fly, the whole family returns to the other side of the world. Ekkerøy then becomes silent and tranquil again, and we are reminded that even in the land of the midnight sun, there are dark nights coming.

Besides the kittiwakes, there are roughly 50 different bird species on Ekkerøy. Steller’s eider and king eider can be found on Ekkerøy throughout the whole year, and both are a preferred attraction among bird enthusiasts.

Furthermore, you can find a lot of white-tailed eagles, cormorants resting on the cliffs, oystercatchers along the shore, the playful ruffs, the eager northern fulmars, or the ever so loyal purple sandpiper who finds meaning in staying in Ekkerøy for the whole year. It endures the worst storms, the coldest winter months, and the darkest December days.

Because of the rich and abundant bird life, two nature reserves have been established. These have been made to preserve crucial nesting areas for the birds as well as sub-arctic plants.

«Birds are an everyday source of beauty, wisdom and wonder.They´re also the ideal inspiration for the practice of mindfulness.»

Claire Thompson

Welcome to Ekkerøy!